I like to think that I am more complex than an ‘about me’ page can possibly handle but, I’ll keep it simple. Well…simple-ish. I am 30 years old (which still feels a bit tough to admit). After suffering a fall in March 2016, I can now add ‘paraplegic’ to my list of attributes. I know, you’re jealous, but I promise not to flaunt it. I am a mommy to three amazing kids who have this wonderful dad I get to call my husband. My family was, and is, my motivation to take my life back; I survive on them, sarcasm, white wine, popcorn and good conversation. I am stubborn and loyal and have come to realize that I’m also a tad bit entitled (I’m working on it). I believe in equality and that life is a lot better when we are kind to one another and when we can laugh. I love to write. I love to sing. I love to decorate my house. Some days I’m a complete emotional mess and some days I almost have all of my shit together. I’m slowly getting my life back and apparently think it’s enjoyable to share my accomplishments and my heartaches with whomever wants to read them. I will always be honest – even if it’s not pretty or easy. So welcome to my life…let’s see what happens.